Adding a roof to a deck

Adding a roof to a deck is one of the most rewarding renovations you could make to a home and plays a fundamental role in transforming an outdoor area into an outdoor room. We built one recently for the owners of this Sherwood home.

Roof over deck construction - Sherwood September 2014

Roof over deck construction – Sherwood September 2014

The owners of this contemporary cottage style residence in Sherwood engaged Allan Tierney Constructions to build a roof over their existing deck so they could utilise the space all year round.

With its solid design and construction, the owners say the new roof has transformed the deck into another room, making the home feel so much bigger in size and space.  The deck once an area they could only occasionally use, is now an area they continually use and enjoy.

Designed by Graham Osterfield of Osterfield & Johnson the roof compliments the design of the existing deck and its tranquil position overlooking a beautifully landscaped garden at the rear of the home.

Building tip – adding a roof to a deck increases your living space, but it should be well designed to compliment and enhance your existing deck, its orientation and surrounding environment.  Materials your builder chooses is also important.